Single Ended 315W CMH 3K

Single Ended 315W CMH 3K

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Grower’s Choice 3k-CMH lamp utilizes a full phase spectrum that is designed to be used in all stages of growth but optimized for bloom. With a Color Rendering Index of 90 the GC 3k spectrum is very close to natural sunlight but with modest blues, extra red and UV light to serve your plants photosynthetic needs during the flowering phase increasing yields and resin production. Contains precision gasses for enhanced spectral output

Generates much less heat than HPS and MH

More closely matches sunlight than ANY other lighting solution available

Growers report tighter inter-nodal spacing and better yields on flowering plants The Grower’s Choice 315w CMH Lamps are suitable for use in all standard 315w CMH fixtures. The 3K-R is an enhanced version of our 3K lamp that is designed specifically for plants that are prized for their resin production. It is similar to the original 3K, but it has contains a few subtle differences.

A slight increase in UV light to promote resin production

A taller peak in the Far-red to stimulate metabolic activity during flowering

Slightly higher PAR for better flower density

Increased intensity in red