Quest Split System Dehumidifier 185 Pint

Quest Split System Dehumidifier 185 Pint

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The Quest 185 is a split system dehumidifier with sensible cooling that is integrated into the heating and cooling system to provide the ultimate in comfort, health and property protection through dehumidification, cooling and air filtration. The two-piece design allows the sensible heat load generated from dehumidifying the room to be released in the outside condensing unit, thus eliminating the need for additional cooling and reducing air conditioner run time. Line set sold separately. Dehumidifier - 160 W @ 80°F & 60% RH, 115 V, 1.4 Amps, 3.1L/kWh, Dehumidification removal 185 pints/day. Outdoor condensing unit - 1080 W @ 80°F & 60% RH, 115 V, 9.7 Amps, Max 20 Amps, R410A.

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