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With over 60 natural major/minor nutrients and amino acids, Poseidonzime comes packed to help the growth of your plants! Poseidonzime uses kelp, which naturally contains potassium and cytokinins, this will help promote cell division at the root to the overall growth of the plant. Designed to be a natural chelator, Poseidonzime utilizes nutrients from the soil for plant use. Known as one of the best natural growth promoters, Poseidonzime can reduce plant stress and increase a plants reproduction abilities! Poseidonzime restrains growth of mites, aphids, whiteflies and root knot nematodes by increasing your plant's natural ability to fight pests and disease.

Feeding Schedule

Early Vegetative: Foliar 1 tsp/qt
Mid Vegetative: Foliar 1 tsp/qt
Late Vegetative: 1 tsp
Early Flowering: 2 tsp
Mid Flowering: 2 tsp
Late Fruiting: 2 tsp

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