One Way to Bloom  8 - 16 - 16
One Way to Bloom  8 - 16 - 16
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One Way to Bloom 8 - 16 - 16

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One Way plant food was developed for commercial and large-scale growers. It was met with such great success at a commercial level, that we developed smaller sizes for hobby growers as well. Its simplicity and ease of use is appealing to growers of all sizes. One Way’s effectiveness is nothing short of amazing. It offers revolutionary new all-in-one nutrient formulations for Grow and Bloom. Contains all major, minor and macro nutrients, calcium, magnesium and all additives/biostimulants found in most major feeding programs. Incredibly cost effective, treat your water for cents per gallon. Pre-measured scoop for a 25 gallon reservoir makes feeding easy. Have a 100 gallon reservoir, just add four scoops. Growing made easy without sacrificing a thing.

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