NCCS APP Data Transfer Unit

NCCS APP Data Transfer Unit

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The NCCS - Nanolux Cloud Control System was designed and engineered to
provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and enviromental controls of the grow room. The NCCS system allows for precision control of all devices in the grow room through its simple and intuitive APP. At the heart of the NCCS is a software program which allows you to specify all of the paramaters of your lighting and enviromental control settings in your room. The DTU (Data Transfer Unit) is programmed by a smart phone or table APP via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The DTU is the brain of they system and communicates and contorls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and enviromental control devices by communicating wirelessly with each individual RTU (remote terminal unit) USB devise). The NCCS system currently allows for precisian control of your lighting system with dimming, multiple lighting areas, high-temperature dimming features along with fan control. The DTU APP works with both the new APP versions of Nanolux ballasts using a RTU APP and the other window version NCCS ballasts wich require the RTU C-1.

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