DE 4x4 Fixture 1000W NCCS 120/240v

DE 4x4 Fixture 1000W NCCS 120/240v

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Perfect for the hobby grow, this DE 4x4 fixture is designed for smaller spaces. The DE 4x4 is designed to produce verticle light pentration over a 4x4 tray. The reflector is designed to have ALL of the available light fall onto a 4'x4' grid at a 24" instal height over the canopy top. There is no stray light falling up to 5' to each side of the tray as would be the case with our commerical DE fixture. This has been the reason that we have not offered our commerical DE fixtures in 120V. The DE 4x4 fixture is NCCS APP compatible, comes in 120/240V and has a fan style DE high frequency ballast.

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