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Luxx Lighting 1000W DE Metal Halide Bulb
Luxx Lighting 1000W DE HPS Pro Bulb
Hortilux CMH 315 Grow Light, 315W
Ushio Conversion (Sodium to Halide) Lamp, 600W
solarMAX Conversion (HPS to MH) Lamp, 400W
Sunmaster Full Nova HPS Conversion, 600W
Sunmaster CMH Full Nova, 315W
Sunmaster CMH Full Nova wx, 315W
Sunmaster Cool Metal Halide (MH), 400W
Sunmaster Cool Metal Halide (MH), 1000W
Sunmaster DE Super (HPS) HO, 1000W
Sunmaster Super HPS, 1000W
Sunmaster Super HPS HO, 1000W

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