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Intermatic Heavy Duty Timer, 120V
Intermatic 24-Hour Plastic Outdoor Timer
CO2 Controller with High-Temp Shutoff
Lighting Timer with High-Temp Shutoff
ILS4T ON Delay Timer for ILS4-121-121S & 241
ILS120-ON ON Switcher, 120V-15A
ILS120-OFF OFF Switcher, 120V-15A
DC Adapter, 120V/12V DC, all iGS Controllers
iGS-221 CO2/RH/Temp Smart Controller
iGS-220 CO2/RH/Temperature Smart Controller
iGS-100 CO2 Auxiliary Smart Controller
Link4 iPonic 624 Single Zone Grow Room Controller
iPonic 624 Two Zone Grow Room Controller
iPonic 50 ft Extension Cable
HLC Advanced HID Lighting Controller

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