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Growhouse.supply is an innovative and industry leading platform designed to keep your growhouse fully stocked with all the supplies you need at all times. 

From lighting to nutrients and everything in between, we have you covered.

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Here at growhouse.supply there is nobody more important to us than our grower community.  We strive to continuously improve your experience in every way and are always available by phone or chat to help you with any questions, resolve any issues, or just to shmooze.. 


Our mission is to bring your fragmented sourcing experience into one convenient location and provide you with the fastest path to finding and ordering exactly which grow house supplies you need when you need them.

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We save you money. Period. We leverage our relationship with some of the largest suppliers to offer you the best prices with the lowest minimums. We also offer heavily discounted prices for customers who qualify for our wholesale program.  

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Slucket Control Lid, no hole Slucket Control Bucket, 10 gal Slucket Growth Lid w/ 8" hole Slucket Growth Bucket, 10 gal w/ 3" hole Slucket T Fitting with 3" Bulkhead

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This great hydro system is a must for the next generation of growers

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 We offer all major brands in all categories

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